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Your contribution helps to provide children with access to clean drinking water, the tools to prevent Malaria and the knowledge they need to avoid HIV and AIDS. The children we help become role models in their communities. Their leadership is developing a new generation of children who are self-reliant, educated and ready to build stronger, more prosperous homes and communities.

Why your donation matters


  • $ 5 – half a litre of water guard (water purifying treatment);
  • $ 15 – an insecticide-treated bed net;
  • $ 20 – a uniform for a secondary school girl, a sports uniform and a pair of sneakers;
  • $ 25 – a back pack containing notebooks, a ruler, eraser, 2 pens, 2 pencils and a pencil sharpener;
  • $ 40 – a hand-washing station
  • $ 40 – a drinking water station
  • $ 50 – a French and English dictionaries for a secondary school girl
  • $ 65 – a complete kit of all of the above items for an orphan;
  • $ 85 – a tool box for a technical secondary school girl; one regular and one professional uniform for secondary technical school;
  • $ 425 – one year tuition in a public secondary school;
  • $ 875 – one year tuition in technical secondary school;
  • $ 1000 – one year tuition in a non-technical University;
  • $ 1,300 – one year tuition in a technical University;
  • $ 890 – a three-tap hand-washing sink for a school;
  • $ 4000 – a small structure with 4 toilets and a hand-washing station for a rural school.

All amounts in US dollars

Why give to AAA

Your support helps create a brighter future for a child, a family and a community.


Sponsor a Child/Project: Invest in a child’s future, fund a child’s school expenses.
Protect a community; build a well or a sanitary washroom in rural school

Donate Insecticide-treated bed nets: Help reduce the risk of infections from mosquitoes.

Volunteer your time: Assist AAA with your knowledge, your know-how, your help.

Fundraise: share our cause and raise donations in your schools, in local communities, at work and at church.