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Ruth Bamela Engo:
B.P. 4340, Yaoundé, Cameroon


Larraine Lippe
P.O. Box 1680
New York, NY 10163-1680, USA


Vivek Aranha:
Representative Asia
Hong Kong


Herta P. Kaschitz – Wuestenhagen:Representative in Vienna
Schottenfeldgasse 20/9
1070 Vienna, Austria

AAA United Nations Representatives New York: ECOSOC/DPI

  • Africa Byongchan Yoon née Engo
  • Mengue Eka – Abila
  • Huguette Streuli
  • Loris Crawford
  • Yoko Komori Olson

Vienna: UNODC

  • Herta Kaschitz-Wuestenhagen
  • Ms Lilly Sucharipa

AAA Representative in Asia – Hong Kong

  • Vivek Aranha

AAA Secretariat : Yaoundé

  • Ruth Bamela Engo _ Tjega: Executive Director
  • Francois Eba’a Zambe: Programme Officer
  • Kotna Paul: AAA Peer Educator and Driver

Comite  de  Pilotage

  • President: Simon  Yon
  • Members:
  • Dr. Pauline Ngan (Pharmacist)
  • Dr. Honorée Bayiha (Physician)
  • Mireille Ndengue Nlom (Accountant)
  • Ruth Bamela  Engo
  • Francois Eba’a Zambe
  • Camairdroneboy
  • E. Theo Ben Gurirab(Namibia)

President, 54th UN General Assembly: Honorary Chairman

  • Hope S. Miller

Chairman, African Action on AIDS. Well known for her commitment to International public service and development. Besides her work with UNICEF, UNIFEM, VGIF, one of her latest highlights is “The Miller Internship”. It provides succeeding generations of the John Hopkins University Paul H. Nitze of Advanced International Studies (SAIS) – her alma-mata in Washington DC, with an annual stipend towards completing summer internship.

  • Laraine Lippe

Vice-Chairman and Secretary of the Board of Directors, African Action on AIDS. Prospect Research Consultant for WaterAid USA and US Fund for UNICEF. Former Project Manager with International Trachoma Initiative: coordinated trachoma elimination programs in 17 countries.

  • Loris Crawford

Treasurer, African Action on AIDS. Professor of Economics and Finance at a New York area college. Former Economist and Management Analyst with the Government of Jamaica and a Market Analysis Manager at Readers Digest. Ms Crawford is also a cultural entrepreneur who for the past thirty years has promoted African art in the United States.

  • Elisabeth E. Scheper

Board member, African Action on AIDS.

Senior Gender and Peacebuilding Advisor United Nations Department of Political Affairs, UNHQ. Senior Fellow, Harvard University’s Center for International Affairs. Former Chief, East/South East Asia Division, Netherlands Organization for International Development Cooperation.

  • Hanifa D. Mezoui, PhD

Former UN Official – Founder of UN-IRENE NGO. Senior Advisor, Humanitarian Affairs and Civil Society Office of the UN Representative for the Alliance of Civilizations, New York

  • Africa Byongchan Yoon (née Engo)

AAA United Nations Representative. Mrs. Africa Byongchan Yoon née Engo is an online, television and radio personality and ranked activist by MTV, who uses media to raise awareness about social causes. She is best known for her work on H.I.V /AIDS and obesity.  She is the Founder of the New York AIDS Film Festival. She splits her time with her family between Iowa and New York.

  • Herta P. Kaschitz-Wuestenhagen

M.A., Doctor of law, Vienna, Austria; former United Nations staff member in Vienna and New York. Currently freelance translator. After her retirement from the United Nations she started volunteering for AAA and has been AAA Representative to the UN Vienna since 2007. As Member of Soroptimist International (SI) she is currently the Governor of the Austrian Union of SI and member of the Austrian National Committee of UN Women.

  • Mr. Jimmy Byongchan Yoon, Senior Software Engineer, presently at VIACOM Entertainment, New York, NY
  • Mariama Djibo, Former UN Official. International Consultant.
  • Ricardo Diez-Hochleitner, Honorary President of the Club of Rome
  • Eberhard von Koerber, Honorary member, Club of Rome, Chairman of the World Scout Foundation
  • Ashok Khosla, Chairman, Development Alternatives, India
  • Jeanne Honorée Bayiha, Clinique Médico-Chirurgicale, Yaoundé
  • Simon Yon, Directeur, Microfinance et Développement (MIFED), Yaoundé
  • Esther Tallah, Manager, Cameroon Coalition Against Malaria (CCAM)
  • Joan Mac Vicar, Professor Emeritus, USA
  • Sabine Mpacko, Relish, Germany
  • Christiane Okang, Poétesse, Écrivaine, Yaoundé
  • Djapa Ngassam Charlotte, Fondatrice du Collège Privé Laïc Fleming, Yaoundé
  • Galega née FEH Helen, Magistrat Hors Hiérarchie, Yaoundé
  • Felix Mbayu, Minister Plenipotentiary Super Scale, Yaoundé
  • Charly Gabriel Mbock, Directeur de Recherche en Anthropologie, Membre pour l’Afrique du Comité Scientifique de MOST – UNESCO
  • Eileen Lawlor, The Monterey/ AAA Group
  • Kathie Frome, The Monterey/AAA Group
  • Cathey Falvo, AAA Medical Adviser
  • Dr. Elizabeth Bowen, Morehouse School of Medicine, Department of Health and Preventive Medicine, Atlanta, GA
  • Téclaire Ntomb, GIC – PAB, Bogso
  • Barbara  Engo –  Aranha, International Consultant